Custom sizeD Booths

If one of our existing booth designs doesn’t fit your needs inquire about a custom design.

Give us your goals and your restrictions and we can create something spectacular for you.

We haven’t been stumped yet!


Case Study 1

Requirement: 360 exterior shots and well lit interior images

Restrictions: Small footprint and low ceiling


This 36 x 25 x 12 booth can handle a Chevy Suburban or smaller size vehicle. A car is driven into the room and parked on a turntable where one button push starts the automated capture process. Our camera and lighting system photographs sixteen positions in under 90 seconds. When completed the vehicle is facing the door ready to drive out or getinterior photographs taken.  


Your photographer enters the room with a handheld camera. This camera wirelessly synchronizes with a unique strobe group which has be optimized for lighting the interior without overexposed window flare.

The domed end of the room provides clean white windows at every angle.